A Ghazal of Misunderstandings

Maria S. Picone, Myrtle Beach, SC

In Latin, ‘corona’ is a crown; in America, Corona is a beer.
If you look Asian (American), you might spread coronavirus.

In my hometown, a friend reported that Chinese restaurants
are being vandalized by those who fear the coronavirus.

I watch the number tick up every day, grief pulling
me skyward, wondering who’s next to get the coronavirus.

“Don’t worry all! Mike Pence is on it, sort of,” – our President,
more worried about the economy than any coronavirus.

Amid the armed protests, rent strikes, unemployment
busy signals, I wonder, “What will you take next, coronavirus?”

It shows us all, Maria, even you, that today misinformation,
racism, tribalism can be more deadly than coronavirus.

Published by Ray Sharp

Poet, endurance athlete, retired public health planner

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